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The main aim of the YUMEIHO® therapy is to correct the pelvic bones position and to set the vertebral column properly, and thus to mobilize the autotherapeutic forces of the organism and to reach the cause of pathological state. YUMEIHO® is a therapeutic system consisting of a number of procedures (depending on a pathologic state). One procedure lasts for about 40 minutes during which a therapist uses 100 different techniques. They include, in the first place, massage by kneading and compression, and mobilization of the joints carried out in an original and pain-free manner.

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YUMEIHO® is a very effective therapy in the following morbid states:

vspinalgia, arthralgia, discopathy, spondylolisthesis, migraine, myalgia, obesity, difference in length of lower extremities, algomenorrhea, asymmetries of the skeletal and muscular system etc.

The author of the YUMEIHO® method was Saionji Masayuki - the head of THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL PREVENTION IN TOKYO

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In the ART centre the procedures are carried out by certified masseurs, members of THE POLISH ASSOCIATION OF YUMEIHO®, professionally prepared in the YUMEIHO® therapy.


If you want learn YUMEIHO® therapy in Poland send empty E-mail to info@artmed.pl for the informations.

In summer 2006 we are to launch again courses of YUMEIHO® therapy in Burlington ON, Canada, Chicago IL, USA and England. The courses will be held in very convenient time and form. All interested are welcome to contact us at the address: amcours@yumeiho.com

If You want to be our representative in Your Country and want to obtain a license to the Community Trade Mark "YUMEIHO", please contact us to: yumeiho@yumeiho.eu or go to www.yumeiho.eu

Contact us only in english or german


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